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Present Illegal Illusion is:

jiri bialik  Jiří Bialík
  guitar, vocal
michal kudela   Michal Kuděla
   bass guitar
michal sobotka   Michal Sobotka
matej kudela   Matěj Kuděla

Established: 1995
Place: Fucking Little Town (Czech Republic, North Moravia, Bílovec)



  • 12" EP "VETO" reached the first place in the inquiry CZECH BEST VINYL DISK 2009 in the category SP/EP!! In the editorial section our EP reached the third place!!
  • 12" EP "VETO" reached sixth place in the "BŘITVA  2009" inquiry in the category "MINI-ALBUM & SPLIT & SINGLE OF THE YEAR"!! We were also mentioned in the category "LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR" (in the Czech Republic) - 33rd place (Ostrava - Templ-17.09.2009) and also in the category "LIVE-PERFORMING BAND OF THE YEAR" - 35th place!
  • The label Papagajuv Hlasatel released DVD FESTA DE LA POHODA 10. DVD was taken on the anniversary (10th) vol. of this music festival in Vodnany in 2008. We perform 4 songs on this DVD, which make approximately 16 minutes. Other bands included on DVD: P.N.S., Michael´s Uncle, Uštkni, See You In Hell, Gride, Dezinfekce, Ilegality, Svině!, Problem 5, Sociální teror, hUSA.


  • In February was released special edition EP on 12” vinyl called “VETO”. Mini-album in a large LP format contains five new tracks on the A side and engraved picture on the other side plus there is a accessory CD containing VETO mp3’s, VETO photos, VETO lyrics, reviews, biography, discography etc.
  • 10th September 2009 – The first release of the 5 new songs from VETO on air. Provided by Český rozhlas Ostrava radio in the Harenda programme plus interview with us.
  • 3 concert tiny tour with FLY FLY FLY
  • 5 concert tiny tour with MOSSAMBIC
  • Selfcontained concerts in the clubs and festivals (Rock Shock, Copa Mathare…)


  • 15-17.02.2008 recording of five songs for upcoming 12" vinyl LP in UnArt Studiu in Slavicin
  • 13 concerts "Something Rotten Tour" with punk/grunge h.USA
  • 5 concerts tour with Insania from Brno
  • Břitva 2007 - Antianketa of czech hard rock publicists, 7. year. Amongst 115 albums from 2007 Under the true color placed at 15!!
  • Metalopolis Metal Valhalla 2007 Stray
    19. NINE INCH NAILS - Year Zero
    20. ILLEGAL ILLUSION - Under The True Color
    21. MONSTER MAGNET - 4-Way Diablo


  • 13 concerts with Anime from Brno, Broken plan tour
  • Compilation "Tuning Rock II" of magazine Autosport & Tunning, song "Pudding Tapestry: Burying Backwards" from Under the true color!!!
  • May - Album Under the true color released by Redblack records. It contains 10 songs.
  • Shadows from underground vol.2 CD compilation of rock/metal, Pařát-magazin, song number 21, "Pudding Tapestry: Burying Backwards" from Under the true color!!!
  • Three concerts at Boomfest tour in Slovakia with Anime, h.USA, Mafo Killer Ain, Toxic Baby, Náhodní Známí.
  • More concerts...


  • Movie trailer for maps Hell is for heroes for legendary game Quake 2 with music of Illegal Illusion. The name of the song is The Opposite Paint Of The Stone. Look at www.milous.net.
  • Bass guitarist Vítězslava Kyselá was replaced by Michal Kuděla.
  • New album should be out on Redblack records. Pohoda records has official end up their activities.
  • The band has a new member Matěj Kuděla. Illegal Illusion has now two guitars.


  • The work on the new album was stopped - the band started to record two new songs "Locally desensitize" and "The oposite paint of the stone" which will be on a 7"EP which had to be out in spring through Pohoda records/Samuel records with The sons of saturn On the other side.
  • French group The sons of saturn fell apart after their canadian tour. French band Socrates(the band of ex-singer of The sons of saturn) should replace them on the split. Release of the cd has been put back until Socrates deliver their songs.
  • 14-15.5 The drums have been recorded in Slatina near Bilovec in the acoustic room of the local house of culture (thanks to Peter Krayz for lending his mobile studio equipment!!)
  • 30-31.7 The bass has been recorded in the rehearsel room our friends from Nonsense (thanks to Nonsense, especially "Tras" for lending the musical instruments and equipment and Michal for accomodation).
  • Recording has moved to the home studio.
  • We have been playing few concerts as we are in the studio...


  • The album Day counting, night counting" was well recieved in reviews everywhere. Inquires: "Freon" (Freemusic.cz), "Uši Rock & Popu (The Ears of Rock & Pop)" (Rock & Pop), "Břitva 2003 (Razor 2003)" (Antiinquire of czech hardrock writers).
  • Concerts in cz/sk clubs and festivals (Pohoda records party, Svět nerezové oceli (The world of rustless steel), Festa de la pohoda, Beseda u Bigbítu (Gabfest by bigbeat), Šrumec03, ...).
  • Demo for a new album.


  • New album Illegal Illusion!!
    It come out in květnu 2003. Editor is Pohoda records blacksign [at] volny [dot] cz www.pohodarecords.com. You can to book this CD in distribution net of POHODA RECORDS, or directly in our midst illegal [at] avizo [dot] cz. Album Day counting, night counting have 11 new songs


  • Jiří Bialík is lucky father of daughter Vanda
  • Continue the tour Illegal Illusion with emo-hardcore band Barricade
  • Under working name "Zu songs" is demo with 13 songs. 10 songs will choose to new album.
  • Michal Sobotka (Bota) is lucky father of daughter Barbora
  • Recording of new album, under name "Day counting, night counting"
  • Canceled winter tour on the ground of tragic death singer Adam from the band Barricade clubs, festivals, interviews, articles, radios


  • Tour Illegal Illusion with emo-hardcore band Barricade from Kromeříž
  • Partner of the tour is Střílek records.
    24.08.2001 - Na Střelnici - Bílovec
    08.09.2001 - Benefit Opatov fest. - Opatov u Svitav
    14.09.2001 - Statek u Krtka - Žamberk
    15.09.2001 - Zappa club - Moravská Třebová
    05.10.2001 - R.C. Kotelna - Litomyšl
    13.10.2001 - R.C. Gogo - Znojmo
    20.10.2001 - R.C. MÍR - Uherské Hradiště
    03.11.2001 - R.C. GURU - Žilina (Slovensko)
    16.11.2001 - Poslechový klub - Chropyně
    24.11.2001 - Červený Rak - Bánská Bystrica (Slovensko)

    WINTER 2001

    Logo klub-Říčany u Prahy,
    "B" club - Třebíč,
    R.C. Bazar - Ostrava,
    R.C. Pohoda - Vodňany
    Rock café-Jablůnkov.....
  • clubs, festivals, interviews, articles, radios


  • four-song CD/EP named "a.m. Diode" recorded.
  • five-live song CD/EP "LIVEring" from concert in club "Stará pekárna" Brno (Otalive, Indies Rec.).
  • clubs, festivals The Night Full of Stars, Come and Die)
  • distributed by The Dark Tide Music (the U.S.A.) and Strilek records (CZ)


  • "baptism" of the album "Shy" on CD at festival called "Rock on the Pump" at a petrol station in Bílovec, distribution by Cure pink (CZ), The Dark Tide Music (Port Angeles, WA, U.S.A.)
  • favorable reviews again (mags, fanzines)
  • the band zeroed in on playing abroad (Poland)


  • beside clubs band played at the most prestigious rock festivals Rock for People '98 and The Night full of Stars '98.
  • the band organizes a multi- style festival Rock in the Castle in the historical building of the castle of Bilovec.
  • first concerts and festivals abroad (Poland).


  • prestigious rock festival "Rock for People"
  • the fall 1997, debut album "Shy" recorded and released only on MC in 1998.


  • demo "Thread" released in 1996 (favorable reviews in magazines and fanzines).
  • club scene


  • new people come into project Bacteria, Illegal Illusion are founded.